Panasonic NN-SD987S

Why Panasonic NN-SD987S is the Best for Great Cooking Result

When cooking with microwave oven, you want thorough and even heat action for the best result. Panasonic NN-SD987S is what you need for perfectly cooked meals, whether they are big or small. Inverter technology and sensor system help you getting the best cooking result even if the foods are large or have odd, uneven shape. Here are reasons why this microwave oven is a reliable option for daily cooking and heating.

Consistent, Thorough Heat Action

Old-fashioned microwave ovens often deliver uneven heat action, which results in undercooked spots in your food. This problem often occurs if you cook large and oddly-shaped foods such as lasagna, casserole, rice dishes, and such. This Panasonic microwave oven has inverter technology that delivers more consistent heat throughout the foods, resulting in better cooking.

Large Capacity for Heavy Cooking

If you cook almost every day or often entertain guests with heavy meals, this microwave oven is your friend. This microwave oven has 23.9 inches of dimension, which is enough to accommodate large portions of foods. Whether it is Sunday roast, chicken dinner, casserole, or birthday cake, you will find it easier to cook with a full-size oven like this Panasonic Inverter microwave oven.

Sleek Design with Less Fingerprint Stain

There are two great things about this particular Panasonic microwave oven: it is sleek, and it does not leave as much fingerprint stain as other ovens. The elegant, modern design makes this microwave oven go well together with any kitchen design. Stainless steel surface makes the oven look smooth. However, the surface also has fingerprint resistant coat, which prevents smudges and stain from making your oven look dirty.

Automatic Defrosting

If you often defrost various foods such as meat, vegetables, TV dinner or other diverse ingredients, there are different defrost times you must choose for a perfect result. Automatic defrost function in this oven will help you getting a perfect defrosting result based on the type of foods, adjusting the power, heat and time level to meet the exact defrosting need. However, if you want to do it manually, you can also set the time and power yourself.

Extra 1 Minute for Cooking

Sometimes, when you cook something, and the result is not close to what you want, additional cooking time is necessary. Instead of manually putting the time yourself, why don’t use the 1-Minute Cooking button? This feature is small but practical for those who often miscalculate cooking time and want an easy way to add more time without risking burn or overcooking.

Locking Feature for the Control Panel

Having your microwave oven being activated without anyone turning it on is a nightmare, but this Panasonic inverter microwave oven has a good feature to prevent it. The control panel has Control Lockout technology that locks the panel, preventing any risk of accidental activation even when the oven is plugged.

Reliable performance, safety features, and easy use are the reasons why Panasonic microwave oven is loved. If you want such microwave oven with good price, you should buy Panasonic NN-SD987S for your kitchen. Visit this link and find out why this microwave oven is the best option! >> Click Here <<

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