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Great Ideas for Wall Oven Microwave Combo 30 Inch Installation

Are you planning to install a 30-inch microwave oven in your kitchen? If you feel limited by wall oven microwave combo 30 inches, you can try creative ideas to spruce up your kitchen. Get creative in design, installation method, and the style of the appliance. Here are ideas to try if you plan to buy 30-inch wall microwave and oven combo.

Place Appliances in a Cluster

Cluster positioning is a great idea to maximize space in a small kitchen. You can install an oven microwave combo in the same group with other appliances such as stove, toaster, or even an extra oven (if you need to cook large meals often). This positioning is also excellent in making your kitchen look modern and organized. Just make sure that the appliances have similar designs.

Add Vegetable Steamer on the Top

If your microwave oven is positioned in your lower cabinetry, and you have another cabinetry set above it, try installing appliance for a simpler purpose, such as vegetable steamer. This is a good way to use space, especially if you often cook steamed vegetables like broccoli, carrots, spinach, or potatoes. Stainless steel vegetable steamer will add a delicate vintage touch in your kitchen.

Create Custom-built Microwave Oven Space

If you want more personalized touch in the kitchen and are willing to spend extra money, try building a customized space around your microwave oven combo. This customized structure will add unique touch into your kitchen design, and you can match the design with the kitchen’s main design elements. While this makes you spend a lot of money, you also get more freedom in creating the look you want for the kitchen.

Blend Stainless Oven with Wooden Surrounding

An attractive contemporary look in kitchen design is combining contrasting materials, such as stainless steel and wooden panels. They may look different but also match each other harmoniously. Install your wall microwave oven inside wooden cabinetry, or surrounded by wooden panels, and create a contemporary look with your oven.

Close Proximity to Cooking Station

Create a sense of control by installing wall microwave oven close to your cooking station, preferably on the side of your dominant hand. This way, you can have all the essential appliances within your cooking zone: the microwave, oven, and stove. If all your appliances have similar designs, they will look good together as a cluster. This is an ideal placement for people who often cook large meals or entertain guests.

Streamlined Model for Installation

Smooth style for installation will make your kitchen feel more spacious. If your wall microwave oven is in streamlined positions, you can make the most of your kitchen space, especially if you have a cooking island or dining table inside the kitchen. Depending on the design, a streamlined style will also complement nicely with your kitchen design.

Having various ideas for installing wall microwave oven will help you getting the best kitchen. It will also help if you want to buy a large microwave oven, such as 30-inch wall oven. Make sure you also buy the right microwave oven that has great features and complement your kitchen nicely. Visit this link to buy the best wall oven microwave combo 30 inches, and get creative in designing your kitchen.




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