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Tips to Integrate Under Counter Microwave Oven for Small Kitchen

When your only kitchen has relatively small size, you need to integrate your electronic appliances, including under counter microwave oven. Even if this microwave oven saves countertop space, you still need to find a way to integrate it well if you have tiny kitchen space. There are several ways you can try, and each has its own pros and cons. Here are several integration methods you can try for microwave oven, complete with their considerations.

Put in Cabinetry

If you have floor cabinetry, you can just pick a microwave oven that has the perfect size, and put it in the empty space (you may need to remove the door to do so, or find cabinetry with perfect size). This method does not require demolition or extensive remodeling, so it saves you money. However, the aesthetic aspect may get disturbed a little, especially since it is hard to find cabinet space that actually has the perfect size for any microwave oven you may have.

Use Trim Kit in the Cabinetry

This method is almost similar to the previous method. However, in this case, you give additional trim kit work around the microwave oven. This helps to fill the gaps between the appliance and the cabinet walls, creating better aesthetic. However, this also means extra cost to modify your cabinet, and you need to call professional to do it.

Use Microwave Drawer

The microwave drawer is an popular option to install under the countertop or kitchen island. It is practical, convenient, and provides easier access than over the range microwave, for example. It also looks better from the aesthetic point of view. Some high-tech microwave drawer even allows you to operate some microwave functions without opening it repeatedly.

However, microwave drawer is definitely an expensive project to tackle, whether you use professional service or install the drawer yourself. Get ready to spend a lot of money if you want to integrate microwave to your kitchen this way.

Install Microwave “Door”

To make a microwave oven even more discreet in the kitchen, you can install a special door that covers this appliance. The door design can be made to blend with the surrounding counter or cabinetry, which works well in integrating microwave oven without making it clashed with the surrounding layout. However, this option requires additional cost, and it is something that only professionals can do.

Combine Trim Kit with Group Appliance Arrangement

If you have other electrical appliances similar to your microwave oven, you can install them in a group form, and surround them with trim kit to close the surrounding gaps. This will create a sense of harmony in your kitchen design. However, aside from the cost, you must also make sure that the appliances to work on have similar style and design. Plan to buy similar tools since the beginning if you want this style.

All of these methods help to blend your microwave oven into your kitchen design. All you have to do now is finding the right microwave oven to integrate. Visit this link to find the best under counter microwave oven, and create your dream kitchen with nicely integrated microwave oven.

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