toaster oven vs. microwave

Toaster Oven vs. Microwave, Which One Fits Your Kitchen the Best?

toaster oven vs. microwave – Unlike a bulkier conventional oven, both toaster oven and microwave are smaller in size and sleeker in design. Both appliances cook faster than a conventional oven does. Due to these similarities, choosing between a toaster oven and microwave is a hard decision. However, this toaster oven vs. microwave will help you in picking the best choice for your kitchen.

Toaster oven vs. microwave: which one does cook faster?

A microwave cooks the food from inside; therefore, it cooks fast. A toaster oven, on the other hand, cooks the food by surrounding it with hot air. The oven in general cooks more slowly than a microwave but due to its small size, a toaster oven cooks quite fast too.

A microwave cooks faster than a toaster oven. Unfortunately, the result isn’t always satisfying. If you put salmon into the microwave for fifteen minutes, sometimes you would find it’s undercooked on the inside. In contrast, the toaster oven results in perfectly even cooked foods.

Despite that, a microwave is still a perfect choice in term of speed. It’s best for cooking canned meals. Otherwise, chop your foods into a smaller size to ensure everything will be cooked perfectly!

Browning and toasting

Browning and toasting are what toaster oven is best-known for. It can brown and toast well because it has heating elements on the top and bottom. In this aspect, a toaster oven is, of course, better than a microwave. The latter is incapable to brown and toast like an oven does.

Energy efficiency

A microwave is a slightly more energy efficient than an oven. The former’s average energy use is at 700-1,300 W, while the latter’s is at 1,200-1,800 W. It’s only a small margin, but if you cook often and want to save energy, the microwave favorably fits the bill.


A microwave is commonly used to reheat leftovers but do you know that toaster oven is better at reheating everything with bread? A microwave reheats bread fast but the bread becomes too mushy as the result. In contrast, a toaster oven keeps the original texture of the bread.

Manual cleaning

When it comes to manual cleaning, it’s a win for the microwave. It’s very easy to clean with an only wet napkin. The toaster oven is different. There are many parts you should clean such as crumb trays, glass door, oven walls, and the heating elements.

Keeping your foods warm

The toaster oven heats its whole space when used. The heat keeps your foods warm even after the oven is turned off. It’s perfect for soup, stew, and other cuisines which are better to be kept warm. Microwave can’t do the same because the temperature inside it remains the same as room temperature the microwave is a more expensive one with a warm mode.


There are pros and cons of both toaster oven and microwave. What remains as a deciding factor in choosing either one is which one fits you the best. If you are busy, the faster and easy to clean microwave is a better choice. If you can’t have your day without a toast and warm soup, you should pick a toaster oven instead.

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