Sharp Microwave Drawer 24 In

The Innovative Sharp Microwave Drawer 24 In.

Remodeling a kitchen often becomes a complex problem for some people. They usually do a remodeling out of bored with the layout, want to do a major cleaning in the kitchen, or they just want to remodel it for a new kitchen appliance that can fit perfectly in there.

However, finding a perfect microwave that can fit in the new layout, whether for the size that could fit in newly available space or the color that could match with the new layout, is as hard as the remodeling itself.

But, you don’t have to worry as you can choose Sharp microwave drawer 24 inches. With its innovative idea of “microwave in the drawer”, Sharp microwave drawer 24 in. can save more space in your kitchen.

Sharp Microwave Drawer 24 In. Features

Sharp releases a microwave drawer with the dimension of 24 inches!

  • The outer dimension is just the same as the other Sharp 24 inches’ microwave but several of them, like Sharp KB-6524PS and SMD2470AH, come with 1.2 cubic feet interior—bigger than its other predecessor.
  • The interior is taller so that you can put your 20-oz cup inside to reheat your beverages. The finish is stainless steel which makes it easier to clean. The stainless-steel finish also makes it more premium-looking and suits your beautiful kitchen better. Sharp Microwave oven 24 inches can be installed below your counter desk, in kitchen island, or it can be placed next to your wall oven.
  • Having just a Sharp microwave drawer is not enough? You can buy the microwave oven version also with the dimension of 24 inches and 1.2 cu. ft interior. A bigger capacity, the same size outside, and more functions. You are not only can cook, but you can also bake and brown with it.
  • The reasonable price is also a major reason for you to consider in buying this appliance. Where else you can get these great benefits of the two worlds: microwave and oven, in one same unit?
  • This Sharp Microwave drawer oven 24 in. type is equipped with the Easy Open handle, and for certain products, it is equipped with the Auto-Touch™ control panel. You can open your unit easily with two different ways: pull or push the handle, or you can just use the Auto-Touch™ feature.
  • This microwave oven drawer is made so accessible in many ways. The machine is also quieter than its predecessor with the more integrated and elegant design that make you can place it in a various way.

Sharp provides the market with several different types of microwave drawer 24 in. Do you want the one that looks more elegant? Or you want the one that holds taller interior?

You can choose either one, but the most important thing is that Sharp microwave drawer 24 in. can help you solve your ‘kitchen remodeling’ problems. You can place it under your standard cabinetry, and save more space.

If you want to know more about the specification, you can visit here.

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