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The Best Over the Range Microwave Oven Must Have These  

When there are many options of over the range microwave oven, you can buy easily, determining which one is the best is never easy. To make it easier, check whether an over the range microwave oven have these features or not! The best over the range microwave oven must have these things. Otherwise, the microwave oven isn’t the best one you can find.

Control panel with some mode options

For the best performance, an electronic control panel is more preferred. A good microwave oven has smooth and easy to navigate glass control panel. The buttons on the panel shouldn’t be too small nor too big. Too small ones are difficult to use, while too big ones take unnecessary space and are aesthetically unpleasing.

Moreover, there should be some cooking mode options available on the control panel, such as:

  • Auto reheat—always ready to make your foods warm before you eat them.
  • Popcorn—yes, you can get your popcorn ready as easy as putting the corn into your microwave oven.
  • Auto defrost—the microwave oven can defrost your foods without being turned on. It’s a great way to save energy.
  • Keep warm—now you can keep your foods warm inside a microwave. The more affordable older generation microwave oven couldn’t do this.
  • Melt—this mode is perfect to make a cup of chocolate drink. Yum!

Reliable venting features

Best over the range microwave oven must have reliable venting features. The venting system should be able to remove smoke, steam, and odors. Without a good venting system, the microwave oven may endanger your kitchen. You don’t want your fire alarm goes on whenever you cook in the microwave, do you?

High durability and easiness to clean

A good microwave oven must be durable enough. There is nothing good to have a microwave with the best features if it’s unable to work in the long term. When you buy a microwave oven, it’s normal to expect it will be fine for the following five years, at the very least. A microwave oven usually lasts for ten years or more.

Easy to clean is also a prerequisite for a microwave oven to be the best one. The turntable—the best turntable usually has an on/off option—must be easy to clean, so does the microwave’s walls and door.

The use of energy

Admittedly, the microwave oven is one of the home appliances which use a high amount of energy averagely. The companies producing microwave ovens are still trying to reduce the use of energy without compromising the performance.

At present, small microwave ovens use around 600-800 W, while the bigger ones’ wattage is at 850-1,650 W. Within this range, a microwave oven can perform very well. You shouldn’t buy any microwave oven which surpasses the upper limit of these wattage ranges because the limit has been high already.

Price range

How much do you need to spend to get the best microwave oven?

Here is the answer. The price highly depends on the brand and the additional features added to the appliance. Normally, you can get the good ones with $250-$600.

With the knowing of what the best microwave oven must have, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer! Get the best over the range microwave oven here and enjoy cooking with it for the next ten years!

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