Sharp KB-6524PS

Tips to Install Sharp KB-6524PS Microwave Oven Drawer

Microwave oven drawer is a great addition to a kitchen if you know how to install it. A product like Sharp KB-6524PS is particularly popular among the owners of modern kitchens because such appliance saves a lot of space and very convenient. It is also a hot item among people who want to remodel their kitchens. Microwave oven drawer helps you save space and reduce complications in making ventilation system.

If the microwave comes as self-contained, already-assembled unit, this product is quite easy to install. However, you must also prepare a lot of things before installing the microwave oven drawer. There are also various factors to consider when creating convenient space for the appliance. Here are some useful tips to install microwave oven drawer.

Choose the Perfect Size

Being accurate in sizing is important when you are about to install microwave oven drawer, especially if you have just enough space for the appliance. Basic sizes of microwave oven drawers are (usually) 24 inches, 27 inches, and 30 inches. After knowing these basic sizes, make sure to actually do measurements, so you will not miscalculate the actual size during installation.

You must also consider the alignment aspect of the appliance, especially if you want to create a pleasant aesthetic in the kitchen. When doing the measurement, make sure you create good alignment between the drawer and the cabinet door(s). You can achieve this by actually measuring the average size of the microwave oven drawer, adjusting the result with the intended space.

Calculate the Cabinet’s Size and Height

Height is something important to measure besides size, and you need to know the exact heights of both the cabinet and microwave oven drawer. The microwave’s manufacturer usually has a recommendation for “clearance” size between the inside of the cabinet and the microwave oven. You must also know the sizes of the cabinet, and you need to measure the width and depth of the cabinet, as well as the cabinet’s width.

Alter the Cabinet If Possible

Even though you have done measurements, there may be times when you miscalculate or need slight rearrangements around the kitchen. You should get ready to alter or trim your furniture, in order to create enough space for the microwave oven drawer to open and close.

Give Electricity Matter to the Expert

To create a proper electrical connection for your microwave oven drawer, you need to understand what to install. Your cabinet must always be protected with grounded electric line and protected beaker, with at least 120 volts of energy. Add a 3-prong electric receptacle, and provide a place behind the oven to store these items. Or, it is better to ask for help from someone else.

Insert “Anti-Slip”

Anti-slip is a simple tool people use to keep their appliance in check. You should do an accurate measurement to make sure that the microwave oven drawer is not getting wobbly inside the cabinet. They can be two lumbers that are fitted at the left and right spaces.

Choose Sharp KB-6524PS for Your Own Convenience

High-quality microwave oven drawer is your answer for your daily cooking problem, but appliance such as Sharp KB-6524PS will solve your problems. Click here to get the best microwave oven.

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