Panasonic Microwave NN SN616S

4 Tips to Use Panasonic Microwave NN SN661S for Defrosting

Defrosting foods properly before cooking is very important and microwave is one of the most common tools we use for defrosting. If you need one, Panasonic Microwave NN SN616S is particularly good for this job. Different types of foods need different defrosting ways, but the microwave can help you doing the job properly. Here are tips to defrost various types of foods so you can cook them the right way.

Chicken (Boned and Boneless)

If you defrost boned chicken, you must use 50% of energy with the microwave. Put the frozen packed chicken inside the microwave, turn it on, and wait for 2 minutes. Flip over the chicken cuts/slices, and turn the microwave on again with the same energy level.

If the chicken is boneless, you need shorter time. Turn on the microwave to 30% of energy, put the chicken in, and wait for 2 minutes. Flip the chicken over, and repeat the step.

Beef, Lamb, and Pork

Defrosting boned meat, such as chops or steaks, requires at least 50% of microwave energy for each side of the meat. The method is the same with defrosting the chicken; you need about 2 minutes for each side. If the meat is boneless, use 40% of energy to defrost each side, 2 minutes each.

If the meat you defrost is a block of ground meat, you need 50% of microwave energy for just about 2 minutes. However, during the process, you need to pay attention to the thawing process. Make sure you set aside the thawed pieces of meat that fall off the lump.

Leafy Vegetables

If you freeze leafy vegetables or buy the frozen variants, you only need short defrosting time. You can turn on the microwave to reach only 50% of its energy, before putting the vegetable stalks inside. After 2 minutes, open the microwave and separate the vegetables, to see if they shrank and thawed properly.

You can also apply this tip to frozen vegetables that are cut into small blocks, like chopped broccoli or carrots.

Broth and Non-dairy Stew

Microwaving broth and non-dairy stew is quite easy. Release the frozen block from the container to microwave-safe bowl (you can run the container under running water to release the frozen block). Put it in the microwave and turn it on with 100% power, and wait for 3 minutes (5 minutes for stew because of all the ingredients in it). Open the microwave occasionally to stir it thoroughly.

The Right Microwave: Panasonic Microwave NN SN616S

While any microwave can do the basic defrosting job, not all microwaves are made equal. The best microwave for defrosting must have consistent cooking power, automatic adjustment to cook and heat different foods, and easy interface for convenient use. It must also be able to save energy, especially if you depend on the microwave to defrost your food supplies almost every day.

A good microwave oven with inverter technology can be a great choice. It defrosts your foods faster and with more consistency, but still saves energy to keep electricity bill in check. Buy Panasonic Microwave NN SN616S for a great inverter microwave oven, and see how easy it is to defrost various foods. Where to buy? Just click here.

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