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Reasons to Buy Over the Counter Microwave Oven

From various microwave oven types in the market, over the counter microwave oven is probably the simplest and most common. This is the one that you usually see (or put) on the countertop, and you probably only use it occasionally. Since there are many types of microwave ovens to choose, make sure you understand what you need from a microwave oven before buying.

Countertop microwave oven is usually cheap and easy to install, but do truly need it? Here are several reasons why you probably only need countertop microwave oven in your kitchen.

You Often Have to Move

Some people have surprisingly a mobile lifestyle, which requires them to move once in several years or so. Countertop microwave oven is more portable than wall microwave oven, or over the range microwave, so it is easier for you to take it when moving. Even if you live alone or not really adept with electrical appliances, countertop microwave is easy to install and use once you arrive at the new home.

Your Eating Habit is Erratic

You are probably a super busy person who often eats out, or only need to cook occasionally at home. Countertop microwave oven is the best kitchen appliance for busy people whose eating habit is unpredictable. You maybe need to defrost frozen foods, reheat cold foods, or make some snacks once in a while, so a cheap microwave oven is a better choice compared to the bigger product.

You Are a Student or Temporary Worker

If you are a student or temporary worker living in a lodge, a permanent appliance is not a sensible option to buy (unless it is available in the lodging). If you sometimes have to do small cooking tasks, like reheating or defrosting, countertop microwave oven is a better choice for your circumstance. You can buy a cheap product and leave it when you finish your stay, or you can bring it home easily.

Countertop microwave oven is usually not really big, and the watt is relatively low. A typical product usually has between 500 and 1,000 watts of power, while the average capacity is about 1 cubic feet.

You Have Enough Countertop Space

This is an imperative consideration. Even if you are interested in having countertop microwave oven, you need to consider countertop space. The appliance can take up valuable space, and if your kitchen is really small, it can severely hinder your movement. Only buy this device if you know you have space for it. Some new models can be put in a drawer so that it can save countertop save even more.

What Brands You Need to Consider

There are several brands to consider if you want to buy countertop microwave oven. Panasonic and GE are famous for easy interface and reliable performance. Kenmore is famous for its affordable price. Sharp and LG have many diverse features that support better cooking adjustment. Just make sure you list all the features you need and compare them with the prices, warranties, and other important aspects.

Buying a countertop microwave oven is not difficult, but make sure that the appliance truly fulfills your needs. Over the counter microwave oven is available in many great shapes, features, and prices. Visit this link to order the best microwave oven with amazing price deals.


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