microwave and toaster oven combo

Reasons to Buy Microwave and Toaster Oven Combo

We know there are a lot of combination of kitchen appliances out there, but how many people have actually bought a microwave and toaster oven combo? The more common combinations are microwave oven or toaster oven, but having an appliance that combines all of them surely gives a lot of benefits. The question is: should you buy one?

If you are interested in buying an oven with microwave and toaster, make proper comparison before purchasing. Here are the comparisons between microwave oven, toaster oven, and the triple combo, which you can use for considerations.

Microwave Toaster

Microwave toaster uses heating elements of panels as a cooking device, and the food is basically cooked from the outside. The major characteristics of microwave toaster are:

  • It cooks foods longer than a microwave oven because it only uses heating elements.
  • It can toast and brown foods really well because the heating elements expose the foods to direct heat necessary for perfect browning and toasting.
  • It creates a crispier surface on foods compared to the meals cooked with a microwave oven, because heating elements work well in exposing the food’s outer surface to the heat.
  • It is not well-equipped to cook a large amount of foods. This is not an ideal appliance for a big family or homeowner who often entertains guests.
  • It is more complicated to clean because the inside has elements like racks, crumb trays, and heating elements. You need to do meticulous cleaning on microwave toaster.

Microwave Oven

Unlike microwave toaster, a microwave oven uses electromagnetic waves to cook or heat foods. The cooking process happens when the microwave heats water molecules in the foods. Specific characteristics of this appliance are:

  • It cooks foods faster than a microwave toaster, because the electromagnetic waves work by heating the foods from inside out.
  • It does not toast, brown or crisp foods very well. If you want crispy foods, you need to cook them in other ways.
  • It is great for cooking a large amount of foods. A microwave oven is perfect for a large family or people who often entertain guests.
  • A microwave oven is easier to clean because there are fewer small parts. Some models even have a self-cleaning function or removable parts.
  • It is generally more energy-efficient because most microwave ovens range between 700 and 1.300 watts of energy.

Reasons to Buy Microwave Oven Toaster Combo

Based on the characteristics of microwave toaster and microwave oven, you need to consider getting microwave oven toaster combo if you:

  • Need something that can cook foods faster, but is also able to deal with a large amount of foods.
  • Want to have a microwave oven that can also do browning, toasting, and making crispy surfaces on foods.
  • Want to save space in your kitchen, especially if you have limited countertop space or floor cabinet. A combination of three appliances will save countertop space a lot.

A multitasking appliance can be a lifesaver, especially if you have many demands that normally require people to buy multiple tools. Buying microwave and toaster oven combo can be one of the best shopping decisions. Visit this link to order the best microwave toaster oven, and experience the best benefits of using this appliance in your kitchen.

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