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How to Maintain Double Wall Oven with Microwave at Home

Microwave oven needs regular maintenance to stay in good shape, especially a double wall oven with microwave. If you often cook big meals, you must use this kitchen appliance often. Since it can be quite expensive, you should maintain the double wall oven regularly to keep it in the best condition. Here is how you can keep your double wall oven on a daily basis.

Clean Regularly

Spots, stains, and splatters from foods can affect the oven’s performance. These spots can also cause burn spots and eventual damage to the heating system. Using warm water and mild soap is an easy way to clean your oven. You can also choose a more specific product, such as special oven cleaner, to keep your double oven clean.

If you find stubborn spots in the microwave, you can try heating water in the microwave-safe cup for 60 seconds (add a microwave-safe spoon inside the cup). The steam will help with the cleaning process. Another way is to cover the foods if you heat them whenever possible.

Open and Close the Door Properly

Some people often abuse their ovens and microwaves by closing the doors with an elbow, slamming the doors closed, or not properly closing them. There are also people who often open the oven/microwave door when the appliance is running. These acts can lead to damaged hinge, and in the case of opening the door when the device is operating, it can lead to blown a fuse. Always open and close the door properly, no matter how busy you are.

Use the Installed Preprogrammed Time Feature

Many modern ovens and microwaves now have a feature that automatically determines cooking time for specific foods. Just click one button, and you can cook popular recipes such as roasted chicken, lasagna, pork chops or vegetables. Some people hesitate to use it, but this feature actually can help saving energy and increasing efficiency in cooking.

Follow the rules about Weight Limit

Different ovens have weight limit; that is, a certain weight that you cannot cross when you put an unusually large or heavy food to cook (especially if the food is frozen). Most foods, even a large bulge of turkey dish, usually do not exceed weight limits established by modern manufacturers. However, you still need to know the actual weight limit of your unit. Putting too-heavy food inside can burden the turntable and affect heat transfer.

Don’t Turn on an Empty Oven

Empty oven or microwave is dangerous when turned on because the components will absorb the heat. This will cause damage after a long run. Some people do this often only because they need a timer when cooking. Invest in your own timer or use a separate timer that is not the part of the oven’s cooking process (if your unit has this function).

Use Safe Dishes

When cooking with a microwave oven, always make sure that the dish you use is safe for the appliance. Generally, forbidden materials include things like metal, aluminum, and everything with gold or silver accents. Always look for that “microwave safe” or “oven safe” label.

Having a double wall oven with microwave is a great investment, especially if you know how to maintain it. Visit this link to order one for your kitchen, and make sure to maintain it very well!

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