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Cooking on Your Boat with WaveBox 12v Microwave Oven  

Traveling has become a trend today. Many people go hiking, fishing, or just simply going to several tourism places to please their mind and soul. Their tiring daily routine makes them feel the need to take a day off and go somewhere else far away from their works. Some of them even having a small boat and sailing to make their holiday better.

People usually go sailing for 2 or 3 days straight and during that time they need to cook or make their food on the boat. For a bigger boat, it is still possible to have and install a small kitchen just like at home. But for a smaller boat, even a microwave will never be compatible with the electricity power provided there. The sail then will end with a canned food or grilled food.

However, it is possible to have a microwave on a small boat because there is a 12volt microwave oven nowadays. One that is so well known is from Power Hunt WaveBox 12v Microwave Oven. It is the first portable DC 12volt microwave oven in the market for travelers.

Power Hunt WaveBox 12v Microwave Oven Features

You just need to plug the unit into the provided PNP Power system, and you are ready to have your delicious food cooked and reheated. It only requires 660 watts of power, and the portable 12volt microwave oven from Power Hunt can cook and reheat evenly even without the turntable technology inside.

The exterior is made from a strong built ABS casing so you can bring it to any possible kinds of environment and still can get your food deliciously ready and served. To operate this unit, you need to plug it into the PNP-120-8 power port, and it is sold separated with the microwave oven unit.

The power port then will be connected to the 12volt battery. It will be better if the battery used for the unit is different from the one that is used and connected to the boat engine to prevent any malfunction in your boat. This unit is so easy to carry around by gripping into its easy-grip heavy duty handle that is made to withstand any kinds of trip you might have.

Just like another microwave oven in your kitchen, WaveBox is also equipped with a luminous digital display to make you easier in reading the information of the cooking status. Microwave scanning technology is also provided in the unit to prevent your cooking from getting overcooked. This unit is not only can be operated as a portable device but also can be operated as a permanent mount device.

In many online stores, you need to preorder the unit first before purchasing it. The limited stock in the market becomes the main reason behind the pre-sale selling method. You can visit the official website of the WaveBox 12volts microwave oven for more detailed specifications. To buy it and look at several reviews about it, you can click here. 

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