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5 Smallest Microwave Ovens for Minimalist Kitchen

smallest microwave ovens – Many people think that microwave is one of the kitchen’s properties that only fit for a big kitchen, or it’s only suitable for an individual or family with a big income every month. The dimension of the microwave which is usually large makes them think that it will only make your kitchen look full and cramped. But it’s not like that anymore, nowadays because there are some smallest microwave ovens that will also fit with your small and minimalist kitchen.

Looking for a small microwave oven for your small kitchen? Read along and find out the best microwave oven that has the smallest dimension.

  1. Westinghouse WCM660B 600W Counter Top Rotary Microwave Oven

With only 0.6 cubic feet for the size, Westinghouse becomes the most favorite of the smallest microwave oven. The widely-purchased product also has a slight design, and sure it must be fit to a small kitchen or in apartments.

This microwave has 6 power levels that are easy to operate, and only needs 600 watts of the electricity. For your personal daily meals, there is no other best choice than this. You don’t have to worry about overcooking because this microwave also has a “ding” signal when your food is ready.

  1. Westinghouse WCM770B 700W Counter Top Microwave Oven

With 0.7 cubic feet dimension, this microwave is still suitable for a small kitchen in your house or apartment. But you will get more than enough. This type has 10 cooking power levels and 6 quick tools for preparing popcorn, pizza, and even frozen meals. It consumes 700 watts of your electricity, but you can be a great chef with speed defrost option. It also comes with an LED display that includes digital clock and children lock function.

  1. HotLogic Mini Portable Personal Oven

HotLogic microwave, another option of smallest microwave oven, applies the portable concept with a tote bag that has two primary functions. It can be a microwave carrier and a place for cooking or heating foods. You will not find any buttons, bells, or programs to operate this microwave, thus sparing you from the hassle of figuring out which button to push. All you need to do is plug the device to the electricity power and wait. Plus, with the compact size, you can bring it everywhere!

  1. College Dorm Size Compact Microwave Oven with Digital Controls

This microwave is one of the Oster’s products that has 10″ tall and about 17″ wide. Not much different from the other small microwaves, it has 6 cooking functions, 10 variable power levels, and consumes 700 watts of electricity. With the Digital Controls in it, you can cook or reheat your meals simpler and easier.

  1. Panasonic NN-SD372S Stainless 950W Countertop Microwave with Inverter Technology

The last type comes from Panasonic. This small but genius microwave oven is designed with Inverter Technology to deliver good flavor and Inverter Turbo Defrost to make the defrost processing quicker. This 950-watt microwave also has a one-touch auto cook and reheat that will automatically prepare your meals without waiting.

So, have you choose your favorite smallest microwave oven? Find out more types and styles click here!

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